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We love folks that are trying to make a go of it with sustainable farming and homesteading. In here you can find a pile of links to farms, info, and organizations.

  • The Modern Homestead - Loads of info and ideas.
  • Polyface - Shenandoah Valley, VA - "The Farm of Many Faces"
    Home farm of the family trying to change the face of farming around the world. Joel Salatin is a true hero. Now, how do we translate his ideas to beekeeping? That's the question that interests me.
  • Wendell Berry - prolific writer and farmer (fiction, poetry, and agronomy). Highly highly recommended. Read The Unsettling of America and The Art of the Commonplace.  Web fan pages: here  and here.
  • Grant opportunities! Check out the "Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program" link in the State and Local Resources section above.
  • ...more to come...

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