Grass-Fed — Grass-Finished — Pasture-Raised

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Tandem Farms raises pastured sheep. Our sheep spend 100% of their lives on pasture in the sunshine and dappled shadows of scattered trees—a mini-savannah. The flock is multigenerational, and each year, the mother-ewes raise their young together. We may raise our sheep for meat, but their lives on pasture are carefree and relaxed, and we treat them with utmost dignity, care, and respect.

We raise primarily katahdin sheep, a breed developed in the United States and popular in the region. These sheep do not produce a usable wool.

Being grass-fed, the flavor of the resulting lamb and mutton is exquisite and incomparable to industrially-raised, grain-finished meat. Like all meat from an older animal, mutton may require greater care on the grill or in the oven (a good marinade always helps), whereas lamb is more forgiving of careless handling. Our meats are lean without excessive marbling (excessive marbling is a side-effect of the artificial fattening process favored by industrial ranching). Mutton has a slightly more complex, richer flavor than lamb, but both are, of course, fantastic.

If you haven't had lamb or mutton for some time, you are in for a treat.

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