April 25, 2022

Refreshing Frames

An old frame made new again.

Refreshing Frames

#Beekeeping. This frame is 10+ years old & significantly moth damaged. We prepped it for a new hive w/ fresh wax foundation. Our technique, some beekeepers may notice, is slightly different than others: We wire the frame, but use unwired foundation. The cleat is stapled (or nailed) so that it stands vertically.

Answers to some questions . . .

  1. Why not plastic foundation or frame? We don't do plastic in the hive. Not for a piece that'se in there more permanently.
  2. Why not wired foundation? Messy to clean up later.
  3. The vertical cleat? We rotate out wax that is 3 years old or older by cutting out the old, and then putting the frame back in the hive to be rebuilt. That waxy piece of wood helps guide the bees to rebuild w/o foundation.
  4. Then why foundation at all? Sometimes we have hives that need a complete reboot (or it's a swarm, or, or ...) and a bunch of frames with foundation gives a great beginning to a young hive.


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